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Bihong Sha (Margaret Sha)


Director, writer, host of talk show, producer


Member of China Writers Association


Member of China Television Director Committee

Chairman of Hollywood international women arts alliance


President of Danhuang Film (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 


Co-chairman, US Montgomery International Film Festival


The first director/playwright/producer who shot, during police operations, full-length documentary and TV series themed on crackdown of abduction and trafficking

of women and children and has written serial stories on the same theme;


First prize winner of Chinese TV Government Award;


Judge of the Exhibition on China Micro-Film in Ten Years;


Judge of the North America Chinese Directors Short Film Tour



Summary of professional background:

She caused a sensation in China for her screenplay published in 1988, and was reputed by the media as “A pioneer warrior at the forefront of Chinese drama reform.”


1994, finished the study in the major of film director and drama in Germany and returned to China.


Before 1994, she worked for and studied at INDOC FILM, Bavarian Film Studio, RTL Television Luxembourg Headquarters. During that time, she traveled to Europe and shot some movies there.


In early 1994, she returned home from abroad and worked for CCTV.


She has served in succession as journalist, playwright-director, and presenter of programs like “Half the Sky” and “Narration”, and has acted as executive editor of special programs.


Producer and chief director of Invention and Discovery, a 100-episode public service film of CCTV.

She was rated as an advanced worker during her work at CCTV.


Her works have won the first prize of the Chinese Government Award (“China TV Award”).


“International Media Awards” from Hamburg Short Film Festival and many more awards……


Of her works, the 11-episode large-scale documentary “Love in the World” had an international impact, and caused a sensation and concerns. It is the first Chinese documentary on the difficult journey of China’s crackdown on abduction and trafficking of women and children. She was the chief director, playwright, accompanying journalist and questioner. Because of the film, she received attention from the international community and has been called “The most conscientious and courageous journalist” by overseas media. Italian television station, “Deutsche Welle” and “World Journal” reported the documentary extensively. An Italian director made a documentary about her based upon her creation experience and achievements, which was widely aired in Europe.


Based on the documentary, she wrote and directed by herself a 20-episode TV series named “I am not a Lamb”, which hit a rating record of many TV stations after being aired. She has many feature-length documentaries, and TV dramas and films, and is quite influential. Following the documentary, she is now creating a movie on crackdown of abduction and trafficking of women and children, which is named after “But I love you”…. 








Excerpts from the main works chronology:

She likes writing since childhood, and have learnt music and Chinese painting. Her Chinese paintings have won many national art competitions and been selected for national exhibitions.


From 19 years on, she started to publish works, poems, essays, novels, screenplays, music reviews, drama reviews, art reviews, and essays on national newspapers and magazines, and more than a hundred articles have been published in total.


1983, formally published her very first poem “Return”, which has been included in many books and broadcasted via radio.


During 1983-1986, she published poetry, novels, and commentaries, more than sixty articles in total, on nation-wide newspapers and magazines.


Dec. 1985, created the screenplay “The Gate of Dreams.”


1986, completed the first 100,000-word novel Flow……


Nov. 1987, published the drama screenplay “Untitled Drama ABC”, which caused a stir in the industry and has been well received by the critics. She was rated as “A pioneer warrior at the forefront of Chinese drama reform”. Many theaters rehearsed and staged the drama.


Nov. 1989, her TV cartoon “Little Red Child” (10-episode) was made a film at Hong Kong.


Aug. 1990, co-published Chinese Ancient Poetry Appreciation Dictionary, which was re-published many times.


1991, her casual literary notes “Tour in Europe” were serialized on China Reading Weekly, and “Children in the Garden” was published on overseas version of the People's Daily.


Jun. 1992, published a collection of poems “Give a Boat to Dreams”


1992, published a collection of novels “Lovelorn Summer”.


Oct. 1992, finished the screenplay “Holding hands of Dreams”, which was made a film by Beijing Film Studio (currently China Film Group) and was well received after release.


Nov. 1993, finished in Europe the documentary “The Sea, Life, Sun”


During 1988-1994, she also wrote biographical articles for magazines and newspapers while shooting. She has interviewed numerous heavyweights, and published a large number of biographed interviews: for example, the exclusive interview for the former US Secretary of State General Haig was strongly appreciated by Hagrid himself. Besides biographed articles for political figures, she has also written articles for sports figures like Deng Yaping, Ye Qiaobo, Tian Maijiu, successful entrepreneur Yu Minhong, and heads of many distinguished enterprises like QJD (Quanjude), and film and television stars like Yu Yang, Qin Yi……









Jan. 1994, finished film director learning in Germany and returned home from abroad, and joined CCTV as a reporter, producer director, presenter, and chief editor of special programs. During that time, her works have been repeatedly recognized and she herself has been rated as an advanced worker. In the course of work, she made TV documentaries and more than 600 feature films, many of which have won awards. She has been awarded dozens of awards, including the first prize of Government Award, CCTV Cup Special Program special award as well as gold award, etc.


Apr. 1994, TV documentary “A Shared Dream of Generations of Women”, which was written and direct by herself received the first prize of China Television Government Award.


Apr. 1995, acted as the chief director and chief playwright of a large documentary “Glorious Flowers in Spring and Solid Fruits in Autumn” (10 episodes), and received CCTV Cup Outstanding Program Special Award because of the work.


Feb. 1996, acted as chief director, chief playwright and presenter of the documentary “A Song from Heaven” (seven episodes).


Jun. 1996, as invited by the German Federal Press Agency, she went to Germany to act as the chief director of the large-scale documentary series “Work hard, just from Today” (12 episodes) that was co-produced by China and Germany (The works winning awards for her)


Jan. 1997, acted as the chief director of four-hour Spring Festival special program of CCTV program “Half the Sky”.









Dec. 1998, as invited by SHCDTV, completed the screenplay “True Love for Life”, which was invested and made by SHCDTV.


1998, acted as the chief director of China's first documentary on urban vagrant children education “Studying? or Wandering? The film helped solved the difficult problem of going to school of thousands of out-of-school children in cities.


1999, acted as executive producer to create China's first legal program “Legal Report”, which is now a hit program and is well known by almost all Chinese families.


Mar. 2000, the full-length novel “Homeless” (300,000 words) was published and distributed. It was included in “China 20th Century Literary History Literature Works” and archived in the National Archives and the National Library.


Apr. 2000, acted as chief director, chief playwright, and interviewer of 11-episode large documentary “Love in the World-Warning from China's crackdown on abduction and trafficking of women and children” (50 minutes/episode) (a.k.a. Tears from Sky). To make the film, she worked with the police for more than 8 months, and finished shooting in 2001. It caused a sensation, home and abroad during the shooting and after release. This is the first documentary in China that reflects the fate of abducted women and children.


Dec. 2000, co-authored “Remembrance of Days in Germany” with Ji Xianlin and other returnees from Germany.








Apr. 2001, acted as presenter of CCTV-10 Narration, a hit program of CCTV. During that time, she acted as the executive editor-in-chief, presenter, chief playwright, and chief director of the special program “A Song of Dream” 


Jul. 2001, acted as the chief director and producer of 100-episode public service film Invention and Discovery.


Jan. 2002, acted as executive editor-in-chief, chief director, chief playwright, and presenter of the Spring Festival special program “Looking for the Truth “of CCTV channel 10 Narration program, which won the first prize of 2002 Spring Festival Textbook Action. 


Dec. 2002, acted as the chief director, chief playwright and presenter of the large-sized evening party Integrity · China. 


Jun. 2003, produced as the main force the 20-eposode TV series screenplay “Flowers Bloom again”. This is the first TV program of China reflecting the abduction and trafficking of women and children, fills the blank in the field of art works, and has been recorded in the history annals of Chinese film and television art creation.









Jun. 2004, resigned from the post of presenter of CCTV gold medal column “Narration”, for which she has acted as the presenter for four years, and co-directed 20-episodes TV series “Flowers Bloom again” together with her younger sister Sha Bifang (Sha Bifang--common name Fangfang). Sha Bihong acted as the playwright, director, producer, and publicist of the series.


Dec. 2004, finished documentary “With Love-A Story of an HIV-Infected Person”, a special program of CCTV Public Welfare Action column. It has already been aired on CCTV and caused a big sensation. The hero Lao Ji of the film has been met by the Chinese President Hu Jintao and received care and help from local audiences.


Jan. 2005, “Flowers Bloom again” became a bestseller. At present, the first round of broadcasting has initially finished and it has created many first places in rating in many provinces and cities. It is more popular than Dae Jang Geum in Hubei Province and has caused repercussions and concerns.


2005-2006, she, in the capacity of director and screenwriter, made a documentary on orphan named as “Give a Boat to Dreams”; at the same time, she created a 20-episode TV series on the similar topic “Tears of Yesterday”.


2007, created a 24-episode TV series “Tonight is like a Rose”


2008, created a 30-episode TV series “Open Your Wings”


2008, acted as chief director and chief playwright of the 10-episode large documentary “China City Image-Dali”, which has been aired on CCTV in 2009.


2009, acted as the chief director and chief playwright of the 10-episode large-scale documentary “China City Image-Haikou”.


2010, in the first half year, finished, in the capacity of director, the theme film “The Heavenly Tibet” for Tibet Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo (in partnership with director Zhang Tao).


2010, acted as chief director, chief playwright, and supervisor of 108-episode large documentary “Time-honored Chinese Brands”.


2010, acted as playwright of 24-episode TV series “Tears of Yesterday”, which was made a film by Hainan TV Drama Center. She also created a screenplay “Dao”.


2011, acted as the chief director of CCTV large-scale live show “China Memory 2011”.


2012, acted as the chief documentary director of CCTV large-scale program “China Memory 2011”.


2013, chief director, chief playwright, and supervisor of the overview section of 4-episode large documentary “Time-honored Chinese Brands” (50 minutes/episode) of the Central New Film Factory.


2014, chief director and playwright of 72-episode micro film An Ideal Country; made, in the capacity of director and playwright, a series of micro films including Dream@Home.


2015, founded Danhuang Film (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to prepare for film shooting; made the film Qinghai Lakeside in partnership with the famous artist Qin Yi.


2016, finished the screenplay of 10- episode detective series Ice-breaking.


2017-2018, finished screenplay Jasmine Flower (a.k.a., “But I love you”). The project is underway.


2018, acted as playwright and shot the screenplay Heroine in Troubled Times. It has won many recognition and awards at the provincial and national levels in 2019.


2019, created and modified the screenplay Conjunction, (temporary name)


Mar. 2019, shooting of the film “My Son” (temporary name) has started and post-production is underway right now.








Oct. 2019, shooting of the screenplay “Mirror” in partnership with Elizabeth is expected to start from Feb. 2020.

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