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Fairyland for Soul (Excerpt)


Xinmin Evening News; April 30, 2000

Fairyland for Soul

Zhou Yuming

Especially in modern times with no faith, how can a person have faith-based passion? Sha Bihong, a CCTV screenwriter & writer, has indeed lived a colorful life in the pursuit of a fairyland for soul.

I held the sample of her novel Homelessness and read it at one go as characters in the novel-a group of soul seekers, a group of wanderers with roots who study and seek existence in Germany, a group of vagrants in spiritual world, are so true and believable, close to real life.

Such kind of writing can nourish spirit. Sha Bihong, a young thinker about life, brings people meditation and aftertaste through her unique feeling and thinking about life and through her confusion about seeking spiritual home and straightforward revelation. Anyway, as more people seek spiritual home, the spiritual level of the times will naturally be enhanced.

I find Sha Bihong has a kind of valuable intuition based on which she can see through things, a brain like a busy camera and inherent intelligence and spirituality which endow her with ability of special aesthetic understanding for literary creation. As Sha shared her state of mind, “for me, literary creation is like pursuit of love. There’s an irresistible impulse. It’s like wave that overflows. I ran throughout China and throughout the world, but I still take literature as my favorite ’prince’.” “An author’s purpose is the hope to create power, and the warrior who can break pain into pieces with happiness, in the form of tragedy or comedy, or in the way of heaviness or easiness, as long as people can look up and walk on.” It is also the trajectory of her life from a “girl in a garden” to a “pursuer of spiritual garden”.

In 1987, an exploratory drama Untitled Drama ABC for which Sha was a screenwriter was rated by drama circle critics as “vanguard fighter of exploring drama in the new era”. In the same year, the TV series Grasp the Dream Hand (both parts were produced by Beijing Film Studio) for which Sha was a screenwriter was broadcast in CCTV many times and was well received. Since 1993, she has shot over 100 TV specials; for example, One Dream for Generations of Women won the first prize. In 1996, at the invitation of Federal Information Office of Germany, she shot a large number of programs reflecting the life of Germany women for CCTV among which lots of programs won awards.

Her daughter was born in the last summer of the 20th century. The woman who was still dreaming became a little mother. Mothers can also have dreams. She called us, wishing that we, a couple both of whom are writers, were the first to see her kid, as soon as her kid was born. She called this “getting one’s characteristics”. She said kid would be like the one who saw her first, and she hoped her kid would be a writer and her continued life would still engage in literary creation. On that day, Zhao Xinshan sent a sample of a new book of her own Shangri-La in My Eyes to Sha Bihong. In our eyes, she has been a lucky one who lives in a fairyland for soul- Shangri-La.

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