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Montgomery International Film Festival co-initiated by two Chinese American women opened on Aug. 18

Montgomery International Film Festival co-initiated by two Chinese American women opened on Aug. 18

Aug.8-25, the first Montgomery International Film Festival (MIFF) will be held at AMCRio, Montgomery County, Maryland. It is hosted by MIFF, and co-organized by the Montgomery County Government, the Maryland Film Office, and AMC.

MIFF was advised and initiated by Karina Hou, a famous educator living in the state of Maryland. Karina Hou was born in Hong Kong, showed affection to arts and was taught by excellent faculty. Many years ago she has been a piano teacher already. She is familiar with both the Eastern and Western cultures, has lived in Montgomery County for many years, and is an active social activist. Anyone who has been to Karina’s home, especially those who came to her house the first time, will be generously treated to enjoy her proud, comfortable and delicate family cinema that she and her husband are most proud of, where they will enjoy the charm of movies. Talking about the original intention of holding the MIFF, Karina Hou said: "A good movie can improve people's perceptions and bring good wishes to people. Regrettably, nowadays films are over-commercialized and such films stay away from values of art. There is another reason. I found that many excellent movies, especially those art and independent films, have no place on mainstream cinemas and web platforms, because it is difficult for them to get financial supports. Art needs to return to goodness, and films shall not be separated from pure art.” Karina Hou hopes to bring art films to more audience. Eventually, the dream was turned into reality after Karina Hou met director Margaret Sha, a sophisticated filmmaker.

Director Margaret Sha was born in a scholar-gentry family, showed affection towards painting and poems since childhood. During her university days, she has become a campus poet and has created novels and film scripts. After obtaining her bachelor degree of arts, she went abroad to Germany to study movies, and has traveled all over the world. She has made many films and television screenplays, which have received international awards. Now, she lives in the United States and concentrates on artistic creation. Two years ago, Margaret come across Karina and they became close friends quickly because of their common love for art. They both intended to forge an international festival film themed on connection between film and art, which will serve as a platform for independent filmmakers to cooperate with investors and film distributors, and a platform to play extensively excellent art films and films of independent filmmakers.

Up to now, nearly 1000 films from all over the world have been registered for competition at MIFF. Besides, many influential and sophisticated filmmakers provided support for MIFF. A panel of veteran filmmakers from different countries will be built up and 2 forums for professional filmmakers will be held.

MIFF will play art film for audience in Montgomery County, for a whole week, uninterruptedly. One film is priced at $7, $5.6 for students. To buy a ticket, please log onto

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