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CCTV to Launch “Story-telling Evening” on New Year’s Day: Credit · China (Excerpt)


CCTV to Launch “Story-telling Evening” on New Year’s Day: Credit · China

Xinhuanet (08:47:19, December 12, 2002) Manuscript source: Xinhuanet

Beijing Xinhuanet reports on December12 (Reporter Sun Hao) New Year’s Day is drawing near, and TV stations in various places have been busy preparing for the evening party of dances and songs for the festival. And CCTV this time is to innovatively launch its special evening party on CCTV 10 in the form of story-telling instead of the routine of presenting dances, songs and sketches, and the story is titled Credit • China.

This special program named Credit • China - 2003 New Year’s Story - telling Party is to be presented to audience at 21:20 on December 28 (see the program parade for specific time of that day). And Hostess Sha Bihong of CCTV’s famous brand column Story will be the chief director and hostess of this program, and another host of the program is Zhao He of Half-Hour Economy.

As introduced by chief director Sha Bihong, the evening party will be surrounded on four true stories as Love Chain happened in Zhengzhou Train Station in Henan, Paying off the Debt for Ten Years of a couple in Shanghai, Two Fires in Wenzhou and Travel Thousands of Miles to Return the Handbag, and stories, dances, songs and sketches will alternate with each other to discuss the essential problem of human nature. And the evening party will feature most largely on the crossed story-telling, that is, the host will tell stories to audience, on the contrary, audience will also tell stories to the host, and problems encountered can find solutions from “doctors” of the “credit clinic” on the scene, writers, lawyers, professors and experts of economics and sociology will also tell stories to us.

Sha Bihong, famous for the identity of writer and artist and hostess, said that, “With China’s entry to the WTO and keeping in pace with the world in an all-round way, Chinese enterprises and individuals are facing the test of credit. How to shape the credit of Chinese? We have sought for many moving stories of credit, and relevant departments also have held discussions with experts at home and abroad on the topic of credit with the hope of reshaping credit. As for the form of the party, I’ll apply the story-telling method of Story to the party, story in story, and not until the last moment, audiences won’t know the end of the stories.”

“As for the host of the party, I have considered Li Yong and Zhu Jun,” said Sha Bihong, “But Li Yong’s hosting style is cheerful and passionate, which is not harmonious with the quiet and calm style of the party; on the other hand, credit, the theme of the party is closely related with economy, while Zhu Jun, who used to be a crosstalk comedian, is not familiar with the economy; hence we finally choose Zhao He of Half-Hour Economy, as his hosting style and features can just match with that of the party.”(The end)

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