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“Generalist” Sha Bihong: Express Her Thinking on Females in Another Way (Excerpt)


“Generalist” Sha Bihong: Express Her Thinking on Females in Another Way 00:00:00 September 29, 2003

Hostess, journalist, writer, screenwriter…it is rare to see a woman with so many titles. But to Sha Bihong, what she pursued is beyond these titles, her professional knowledge about directing, experience of being a TV hostess, and her identity as a writer, all make it seem a matter of course for her to turn her stories into TV play stories. Therefore, Sha Bihong and her friends invested to make her first TV play, and it was her first time to act as a director and producer.

On the shooting scene, Sha Bihong told the reporter that this play was both a summary and response to her previous journalist career. She said that 《I am not a Lamb》 seemed like a story about the campaign against abduction and undercover police, but actually, it was themed on females and targeted to reflect the inner world of the female, and it was also what she had born in mind when creating this play. Sha Bihong, who once served as the chief director of “Half the Sky”(a very famous tv column of China before---from translator) attached close attention to female topics, and she wanted to express her thinking on females in another way, and she hoped that the play 《I am not a Lamb》 could light a lamp for young women workers out of home with beautiful dreams for better life in the form of TV play, especially those who were abducted, she hoped that the play could make them believe that their future was still promising.

Sha Bihong said that she had the hope that her three writings themed on females could all be filmed into TV plays to appear on the screen in the future.

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