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Don’t Cry, He Went to Chase the Sun (Excerpt)


Don’t Cry, He Went to Chase the Sun

- Wrote on the Day when I Said Farewell to Director Yu Xiaoyang

Sha Bihong, a poet and film & TV director

I just wrote those lines and tears rolled down.

He was an energetic director with exceptionally bright eyes, a poet of strong will who persisted in chasing dreams, a big and sincere kid who loved his parents and family, and a good friend always with enthusiasm like fire… It is our Xiaoyang who left this world suddenly… Could anyone accept this unexpected news? Could any parents tolerate the pain of losing their son? Could any woman face the loss of her lover calmly? No, no, no!

When I heard Xiaoyang passed away at 5:10 a.m. due to asthma on the road back to Beijing after finishing selection of scene in Enshi, Hubei on January 7, 2005, I cried for him; when I went out of their home after rushing back to Beijing by plane, going directly to the home of his parents and seeing his father Yu Yang and mother Yang Jing who were extremely distressed and looked haggard, I cried for his old parents; when I saw in front of his body his wife Dilber Yunus, a singer, kissing his face sadly, I cried for this woman who loved her.

I cried for Xiaoyang’s leave. I cried for pain and torment a pure heart of a poet suffered from in this world; I cried for efforts and wishes paid by a director who explored and pursued art tirelessly; I cried for the light glowing in his thoughts and the fact that he felt loneliness of people’s soul alone in dark…

In his short 44-year life journey, what he felt most painful about was that he was not understood by people. The public only knows that Yu Xiaoyang rose to fame for the film The Mahjong Incident directed by him, the "Main Melody" film Hurricane over the Sea was well received in the film industry and was nominated for Huabiao Award, and the film Driving Train to Beijing attracted attention home and abroad. But people who understand him know that he also directed such films as Female Thieves, Evil Star over a Villa, Empress Wu Zetian’s First Love and A Woman Insulted. Such films to which he invested strenuous effort were not launched on the market for flamboyant personality shown in the films.

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