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Flowers Blossom Again Among China’s Most Popular TV Plays (Excerpt)


Flowers Blossom Again Among China’s Most Popular TV Plays 11:26 Sept. 27, 2005 Sina Entertainment

A few days ago, Wuhan Evening News published an extra titled “Most Popular TV Play List”, in which the domestic TV plays- Accompanying Children on Their Road to University and Flowers Blossom Again – “unexpectedly ranked higher than the famous Dae Jang Geum”. According to the analysts, maybe it is because people are familiar with the beautiful scenes in Wuhan in Accompanying Children on Their Road to University, but it was unexpected that the Flowers Blossom Again with no big stars can rank high on the list.

Many audiences say although there is barely any big star in the Flowers Blossom Again, the plot is quite attractive and moving. An audience from Wuhan who named herself Ping says she watched this TV play from the first to the last episode without any stop after she bought the disc, shedding tears almost all along. She thinks that the sincere emotions in this play are rarely felt in other TV plays. This sincerity was a common style of Sha Bihong, the director of this series, in her artistic works of all forms. Now the director brings this sincerity into her TV plays, giving people a sense of novelty. The audience also says she is looking forward to Sha’s next work. A netizen says despite that the performers are not very famous, they are quite devoted to the show and actually have a better performance than big stars. Sun Yifei has presented excellent performance in some scenes, such as his staring at a crazy woman, drinking water in a cave and looking into the distance when he was misunderstood at his hometown. Those scenes were heartbroken. In addition, the scene in which Du Mei, played by Hu Xiaoting, was raped is also moving…However, audiences in Yunnan Province prefer Xu Jun’s performance (plays the part of Fang Qin) in the play. When Xu Jun was walking on the street in Yunnan where she was filming, someone caught her up and asked if she is the actress who played Fang Qin in Flowers Blossom Again and asked for her signature. It is unexpected for Xu Jun to get well-known because of acting in Sha’s Flowers Blossom Again instead of acting in Zhang Yimou’s advertisement after which she only came to be known by a few. This is the first time after she became an actress that someone directly calls her the name in the play. She is very excited to know her performance wins fondness and recognition from audiences. Film experts also speak highly of the performance of Lv Zhong, Qiang Zi and Bai Yang.

Actually, it is not accidental for the little-invested and starless Flowers Blossom Again to rank higher than the famous Dae Jang Geum. Since it was broadcasted in various TV channels, its audience rating has climbed higher and higher. For example, when it was broadcasted on the Heilongjiang Legal System Channel, its audience rating reached record high on the channel. On the Shenzhen Channel, the audience rating also hit record high, more than doubling the previous rating peak. So it makes sense that the TV play could be well-received in Hubei Channel this time.

My colleagues and I are all quite happy for the good development of domestic TV plays. The total investment of Flowers Blossom Again is not even enough for paying one performer in Dae Jang Geum, but it managed to win the market and the applause and fondness of audiences. That’s quite encouraging for domestic TV plays. We would like to applaud for domestic TV plays and for Sha Bihong and Sha Bifang, the sister directors, and hope that they can continue their efforts for a better future of domestic TV plays. It is said that Sha Bihong is revising her script Give Your Dream a Boat, which is another work that manifests her years of experiences in documentaries and integrates deep thoughts, moving plots and intense conflicts which makes it attractive and touching. There is every reason for us to believe that Sha Bihong’s next work will be even more excellent and deserve our attention. (Mengmeng/Text)

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