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Flowers Blossom Again Climbed to the Top on Audience Rating and Director Sha Bihong Reacted Calmly


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Sina Entertainment news Flowers Blossom Again, the first TV dramas in China that is about the crackdown on the abduction of young girls and is written and directed by sister directors Sha Bihong and Sha Bifang with Ren Tianye, Sun Yifei, Xu Jun, Qian Zi and Lv Zhong playing the leading roles, has received a wide applause since it started showing on TV of many places from December of 2004.

Take Jinan region as an example. Since Flowers Blossom Again started showing in Jinan region, the audience rating has climbed continuously to the second place, only after On The Top of The World that has famous actors and actresses such as Li Yapeng, Guo Jinan, Huo Jianhua, Chen Yirong and Huang Shengyi by a mere 0.31 percentage point. The news has brought joy to the producers and crews of Flowers Blossom Again.

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