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I am not a Lamb Wrapped Up (Excerpt)


I am not a Lamb Wrapped Up

Sha Bihong Told a Story of Abducted Girls in her TV Play.

China Women’s News – March 22, 2003

Dai Gang

Sha Bihong, the hostess of Story, CCTV, directed I am not a Lamb, which is the first TV play about abduction crackdown in China. The play wrapped up a few days ago and is now in busy post production.

The TV play which is about abduction crackdown, co-directed by “director sisters”, Sha Bihong and Sha Bifang, focuses on the life of abducted girls for the first time. It tells a miserable story how three young girls on their way to cities for job are caught by evil human traffickers, sold to others as wife and forced to be prostitutes.

With different characters, the three abducted girls named Du Juan, Du Mei and Huang Xiaokai experienced totally different life with different endings. As a matter of fact, their stories were epitome of experiences of many abducted women. In this TV play, their experiences serve to be the main plot. In addition, the play also tells the difficulties and sacrifice of police officers in the course of abduction crackdown. The story is with intricate plot, ups and downs of character experiences and humanistic care. It unveils and strongly criticizes the abominable crime of human traffickers and also analyzes deeply the historical roots for human abduction.

Sha Bihong focused the theme of female in the play. She said, “I expect this play will arouse more concerns and care for abducted women and kids, and hope these abducted girls will be accepted by their families, prior friends and lovers as well as the society when they restart their life and work after being saved. They do suffer a lot. ”

In the course of shooting, Sha was much moved by many things and people. For example, the famous actor Lv Zhong and singer Dai Rao refused to accept remunerations due to them in spite of their big parts in the play. To support the play, some distributors contacted her one after another, in the hope of buying copyright of audio and video products related to the play. Sha said, “Everybody has a seed of goodness in their heart actually. They harbor sincerity and care for vulnerable groups. ”

Picture: The director Sha Bihong (the leftmost one) was going through the script with Lv Zhong (the rightmost one)

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