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Looking Back on the Past Four Years (Excerpt)


Looking Back on the Past Four Years

Editor’s note: On this day 4 years ago, the Overseas Returnee Entrepreneurship Edition came into being.

For the past 4 years, the overseas returnee venture team has been growing. The venture team members fought for the dream in every field. No matter how difficult or happy, rough or successful the venture was, the whole entrepreneurship edition has been paying attention to this group.

At the 4th anniversary of the Overseas Returnee Entrepreneurship Edition, we revisited the old friends in two issues, Sha Bihong and Chen Hongbo.

Sha Bihong, famous directress and hostess, wrote the first article I am Proud of My Choice for “Overseas Returnee Venture Edition”; Chen Hongbo, vice-president of Tsinghua University TusPark Research Institute for Innovation, was the overseas returnee venture people that was recorded by Overseas Returnee Entrepreneurship Edition.

At this periodical, we firstly share the road of Sha Bihong chasing dream for the 4 years.

Sha Bihong possessed a strong feeling for this newspaper. When she was studying in Germany, People’s Daily Overseas Edition was the only place where she could see Chinese words and get important information in China. She contributed to the Overseas Edition before her mother’s birthday, and expressed her love and miss for her mother in words. When the article was published, she sent the newspaper as a gift to her mother. In 2007, when she knew that the newspaper would add the Overseas Returnee Entrepreneurship Edition, she pleasantly wrote the first article I am Proud of My Choice for “Overseas Returnee Entrepreneurship Edition”. She said smilingly that the article was born from talking.

Talking about her study in Germany 17 years ago, Sha Bihong said that everyone had his or her unforgettable story. At the lobby of a Vienna hotel, she narrated China’s five thousand years of civilization for a dozen of European people, from dusk to dawn. She also turned up to the president of Germany biggest publishing company to ask why there was no Chinese book sold at the Germany book store. There were many stories like this.

The overseas life broadened her vision which could allow her to explore the new field of writing techniques. The most valuable treasure from the overseas study was that she became aware that she was a Chinese people, and there was a great value in the national traditional culture, and her country meant a lot for her. The overseas years also played an important role in her life nowadays. With her passion for the Chinese traditional culture, she resolved to use the documentary with objective perspective to present Chinese traditional culture to the whole world. She has made it now.

As a dream-seeker, Sha Bihong built her film company to achieve the culture idea and pursue breakthrough. She devoted to every work, trying her best to do, edit and direct these works all by herself. She said, “I am crazy about writing, which is my cause and dream.” Cherishing this dream, she had been active at the frontline of writing. For the past 4 years, Sha wrote 3 scripts for 3 TV plays and directed 3 big documentaries. During this period, she led the team to co-direct Shanghai World Expo Tibet Pavilion theme movie Paradise-Tibet. At present, she is busy with shooting a one-hundred-episode documentary China Time-honored Brand, which will give the whole world an opportunity to know and share the splendid culture that was created by the Chinese nation in several thousand years.

As an overseas returnee entrepreneur, she hoped that the Overseas Returnee Entrepreneurship Edition would strengthen the communication between the overseas Chinese and the overseas returnees, and would make it convenient to find the like-minded friends and to accumulate knowledge for venture. For the environment where more encouragement strategies for the overseas returnees venture, Sha Bihong encouraged the young overseas returnees to grasp the good opportunity. She suggested them to make full use of their expertise which yielded twice the result with half the effort. At the meantime, she said frankly that the young generation should not blindly do pioneering work nor be anxious for success; and that starting a business requires rising abruptly based on its accumulated strength.

(Source: People’s Daily Online- People’s Daily Overseas Edition)

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