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Sha Bihong: A Girl in the Garden (Excerpt)


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Sha Bihong: A Girl in the Garden

The black land holds her childhood dreams.

She couldn’t remember it was when that simple girl stepped on the road of literature with her beautiful “dream”, as well as when her works successively appeared in magazines and newspapers; her poems To Boat Tracker, Winter Swim, Girl Student in Work Area, In Hometown and Thought by the Sea, together with her essays as The Girl in the Garden and Crane, novels as An Eye from the Tree and plays like Untitled Drama are like the stream in the forest, trickling from her clear and simple heart…

She could remember when she was a little girl, her mother always said, “You are a child I found in the garden, you scared to cry because of the rain, so I took you home in my arms.”

“I am a girl in the Garden.” Sha Bihong, a girl longing for being an adult but never grows up, whose works are full of soft feelings and pure loves.

Her “dream” begins with Darwin’s The Origin of Specie; when she was young, the wooden case which her parents used to put away books became her favorite “garden”, where she lingered long with A Dream in Red Mansions, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Song of Youth, etc., even when she was in college, she still liked to stay in the “garden” for reading, unwilling to leave.

Sha Bihong, a girl who always wants to look like a grown-up with mature clothes and make-ups, though only 28 years old, tends to show her maturity like a woman of 30 and more years old. However, her flushing face and shy words give her away totally, and she remains to be the girl of garden.

She has been looking forward to being the true self, to catching and realizing her dream, so regardless of the world’s bound as well as the bond of traditional consciousness, she makes efforts to participate in publishing and issuance, write plays and follows the crew, and even during her visit abroad to see relatives, she has never forgotten to know more about the society, she made social investigations, based on which she finished the wonderful Travel in West Germany.

Sha Bihong finally comes to Hold the Hands of Dream, which was her first TV play, she felt that she had plunged herself into the whole writing with all feelings, fortunately, the TV Play Department of Beijing Film Studio much appreciated this work and famous Director Yu Xiaoyang personally filmed it into a TV play which has been broadcast in CCTV and received good popularity.

Sha Bihong is no longer the girl in garden who is afraid of rains and winds; she has held the hands of her own dreams as she wished. Indeed, as what Sha has said, “It’s my luck to be a girl in the garden.”

By Dong Wei

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