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Sunflower - “Love” on the Move (Excerpt)


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Sunflower - “Love” on the Move

Authors: Xia Xiaonan Sun Xiu Date : 2004-11-24 22:09:11 Click :1130

At noon on November 19, the Sunflower Love Association organized a series of activities with the theme "Share life and care for HIV-infected patients".

The activity was jointly launched by the CCTV Welfare Action Column, Red Ribbon of Ditan Hospital, China Agriculture University. It included such activities as charity bazaar, charity signature, AIDs knowledge, AIDs photo exhibition.

Facing the sweat from patient Lao Ji and his small handicrafts with hope, the students showed great interest in the small items. With the swarming crowds, red collection box, hot heart of students, ignored cold current, Lao Ji’s grateful and slightly shy smiling face turned the scene into love and sincerity, care and affection!

The event attracted great attention of media in and around the school and the school leaders. The reporters of CCTV, Sohu, Beijing Morning Post, and China Daily came to the spot, and the concerned staff of Sincere Friends Newspaper, Kezhui Studio, radio stations, and Red Ribbon of The School of Continuing Education of Renmin University also arrived at the scene for interview.

Secretary Qin Shicheng passionately gave a speech, encouraging the students to care about HIV-infected patients and present their compassion. Sha Bihong, famous CCTV hostess and directress, introduced the reason and meaning of the activity and expressed gratitude to enthusiastic students of China Agricultural University. Directress Sha also brought out valuable items for charity bazaar, and her love greatly moved the students. The head nurse, Wang Kerong, who was awarded Nightingale Medal, came to the spot to answer the students’ questions. The singer Guo Feng appeared and brought the activity to the climax. He thanked the students for their love and signed names in front of the fair counter.

Lao Ji, silent but strong, held up flowers sent by students, kept thanking students from China Agricultural University, signing his name for the students with slightly shaking hands and sincerely shaking hands with the students. Although we students cannot do much for Lao Ji, we quietly cheer Lao Ji and bless the patients who are fighting with the disease!

(Date: 2004-11-24 22:09:11 Editor: Working Committee of YLC Click:1130)

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