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Walking Confidently towards Happiness (Excerpt)


Walking Confidently towards Happiness

By Xiao Ju

"Woman, do not merely look at yourself in the mirror while forgetting to see the outside world. You are small, but the world is big!"

-- Words to girlfriends of the Girlfriends Magazine

An energetic girlfriend: Sha Bihong -- directress, writer, TV hostess, producer, TV play producer, publication producer, and president of the Shashi Film & Television Corporation.

Story from the Girlfriend: An article titled “Sha Bihong: Love is Joint Happiness” was released in the “Homeland” column of the May 2006 issue of the Girlfriend, and it depicted a magnanimous and sincere Sha Bihong. At that time she still worked in Beijing and could not spend enough time on her home in Shanghai. But she has set up a studio in Shanghai recently and now both her career and life are even more successful!

Energy Track: She has filmed nearly one thousand TV documentaries, feature films, and won the first prize of the "China Official Television", the golden prize of the French "Jules Versailles International Media Award" and other international awards. In April 2001 she began acting as the hostess of Story on the channel CCTV-10. She ever worked for eight months in a police operation to shoot China's first anti-human trafficking TV play Social Care.

What excites Sha Bihong most is always to use better media means to spread China's image and sound throughout the world!

That has been a dream of her after she returned from Germany. During her filming of documentaries in Europe, she often felt surprised at the Western world’s long-term absence of understanding about China! Once a foreign friend took the low status of women described in an Iranian novel for the real conditions of Chinese women. After he met and got to know Sha Bihong, he realized in surprise that Chinese woman may not only walk on the street but also travel around the world to shoot films!

For some time she also faced the cruelty of life. When her mother just died, she went to the airport with a smiling face to pick up her litter brother from abroad who didn’t know the bad news. In her accompaniment, the sister and brother enjoyed him the happiness of returning to hometown until the moment when the news could not but be told at his farewell meeting with their mother. At that time she seemed to have forgotten that she was just a daughter who also lost mother, and she tried as she could to minimize the hurt to the family. 11 years later, her siblings established their own families and career one after another. In the end of last year, the youngest sister also became a mother, and at that time she started to feel relaxed gradually.

She is a woman who is fully and equally responsible for both her family and career. When filming along with the police’s operation, she did not hesitate to take tasks or feel sad for her shedding of skin. At home, she is a romantic woman. Before friends, she is both a knight and a bosom girlfriend. She said the most important thing for a woman is the inner cognitive ability. Only with this ability can she take the initiative to walk towards happiness, and the feeling of an active walk is exceptionally different from a passive one!

Energy Q&As:

1. Please list several energy women you like.

An energy woman in my eyes may be either an elite woman or an ordinary one. What impressed me the most was an old woman that I visited not long ago. After losing two sons within half a year and getting terminally ill, she still lived an active life. Compared with women elites that I interviewed, the old woman was nameless, but I saw life energy in her!

2. What necessary skills do you think a mature woman should have in life?

Independence, tolerance, comprehension and the ability to love. In addition, endurance and the ability to communicate with others are also very important.

3. In your current life, what costs most of your time and effort?

The dance with my dream.

4. The Girlfriend has accompanied readers for 20 years. How long have you known your "oldest" girlfriend? And what level has your friendship developed to?

I’ve known my oldest girlfriend for over thirty years. I knew her since I was five and we love each other like sisters.

5 At present, what is your plan for future life? What kind of life do you hope for in another 20 years?

I’d like to produce an art film with great care and elaboration. Then, I will settle down beside the sea quietly. Next I’ll begin to write three long books, which are to show vicissitudes and history of China through changes of three generations of my family. I will write many letters to my daughter who has gone to fly, just like the ones that my mother wrote to me.

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